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Day 4: mobilization and back in action

In Mousie’s voice.
Today I started the day off lounging on the couch. Had breakfast with my Daddy and we were chillin out. I got super bored. It’s been days now that I’ve been on couch duty. The ladies on The View just weren’t piquing my interest. There was nothing on the tube at all. My Daddy gets up to take a shower and I went for it. Edge of the couch, looking down, I felt the great abyss has become smaller and manageable. I went for it. Be-bopping around the living room, in my new bouncy-strut. I felt pretty good, considering my boo boo itches like mad. Daddy gets out of the bathroom and he is so happy! Yay! I did something right for a change. No more wrinkled foreheads, timid reaction or sadness. I made it!

When Mommy got home I was able to greet her like I usually do, my nub was wagging like crazy. I made Mommy happy too! Today rocks! I love Fridays!

I went on the patio to resume my job of guarding the apartment. It feels great to be back. I must keep evil pedestrians at bay and let them know who is boss. Beware, guard dog is on duty. I need to work overtime to catch up. Maybe I will get bonus human food for my efforts?

The quest for world domination continues….one hop at a time.

Update, 10pm central standard time. Couch bound again. I’m beat!

~ by ritables on October 1, 2010 .

One Response to “Day 4: mobilization and back in action”

  1.   etgayle Says:

    mousie, way to go!!! we knew you’d find the ‘right time’ to leave the couch. but now, don’t forget to continue with the medicinal naps – they are very important for healing!!!!

    gayle & charon

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