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5 or 6 weeks after amputation

Its been a few weeks since I posted last. The swelling and hardness is gone and things are good. I have learned a very naughty trick: I scream really loudly when I don’t like something. Very very naughty, but it works. I always get my wicked way, I play my humans like an old piano hahahaha….I have also learned a new trick: when my mommy says, “BANG” and holds her finger like a gun…I hit the deck and show my tum. I get lots of hugs and kisses with this trick. Humans are so easy.

Last night, for the first time since the accident, I can get on the couch! Stairs were a piece of cake, up and down. I just didn’t realize that I had to get a running start, since I only have one leg in the back now, cant jump from a static position. I wanted to say Hi to my mommy so bad, but she wasn’t paying attention…so I run…I jump…HELLO couch!

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Day 14: Phantom screaming

Ug, phantom pain. How appropriate Halloween is around the corner. I don’t know why it still hurts because my leg is gone. Sometimes I scream very loudly and my MommyDaddy just hold their hands up in the air and say, “It wasn’t me! I didn’t touch her at all!”. I think I scream about 4-5 times a day for no reason. I try to get my leg moving, but then I remember its not there anymore.

I cant believe its been two weeks already! My stitches come out tomorrow. I am out of meds completely, which is good because I don’t feel so dopey and high anymore. I just want to be back to normal, and I try very hard, but I still get tired from too much excitement. I still have my couch-time, but I also try to follow my Mommy and Daddy wherever they are going. I miss Shelli so much, the feelings of missing her still come up several times a day. I have made great advancements: I am able to run up and down the stairs, I can jump down from the couch, but I cannot jump up yet. I am able to poo, and pee. Things are looking up.

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Day 6 and 7: my bum itches like mad

Due to malfunctioning iPhone wordpress app, this article is re-posted.
Not only did they shave my entire bum, but it itches very bad. worse than summer fleas, I think. I know im not allowed to chew on it but its so very tempting. I don’t wear the cone of shame because my Mommy cant find the right size. I think my Mommy wants to put me in a onesie or something, although my Daddy thinks its dumb. Its getting colder, so I don’t mind the clothing at all. I try to sneak off to chew my butt, but I get caught every time. My Daddy is doing a good job watching me. I never get a chance alone for a second.

I am doing very well, I am able to run up the stairs at full throttle now, but I prefer to hang on the couch and relax. I am not able to jump off the couch yet, because my stitches touch when I lean over like that. Same with going down the stairs – I just get creeped out when something touches my boo boo. My Mommy says I still have to keep still, but not for much longer. I have an appointment to remove my stitches in 7 more days. I cant wait to have a bath, as I am super-stinky.

Halloween is coming up and I am excited about a costume contest I am going to enter. My Mommy is coming up with my costume, this is going to be good!

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Day 9: disaster averted

Mousie’s voice, with Mommy’s in italics:

Yesterday we went to visit Grandma. They were busy doing something with the plumbing out in the front yard, something was flooding i guess. so i stepped in some water and my Mommy freaked out. She didnt want me standing in the water. So then Grandma holds me because i keep investigating this thing they are all huddled around. Grandma was afraid of my boo boo, she didnt know how to hold me right. I squirmed away and kept fighting her…then i fell. I landed on my boo boo! I nearly had a heart attack, she screamed so loudly. My Mommy then puts me in the car and they finish huddling around the thing in the yard that keeps flooding. That night, after my Mommy cleaned my boo boo with peroxide and gave me some meds, i was fast asleep. The next day i just didnt want to get out of bed at all. My Mommy called and my Daddy tells her i am still sleeping. I panicked because i still have memories of Shelli, and how lethargic she was from the cancer and illness. I then went back to the yucky vets again. I guess i am alright, im be bopping around, no biggie. My Mommy is coming to pick me up later. I plan to catch up on my couch time then. Tonight is Jersey Shore, so its going to be a fun night!

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Day 5: same as yesterday

Today was like yesterday: 95% couch time 10% other. Nothing new to report.

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Day 4: mobilization and back in action

In Mousie’s voice.
Today I started the day off lounging on the couch. Had breakfast with my Daddy and we were chillin out. I got super bored. It’s been days now that I’ve been on couch duty. The ladies on The View just weren’t piquing my interest. There was nothing on the tube at all. My Daddy gets up to take a shower and I went for it. Edge of the couch, looking down, I felt the great abyss has become smaller and manageable. I went for it. Be-bopping around the living room, in my new bouncy-strut. I felt pretty good, considering my boo boo itches like mad. Daddy gets out of the bathroom and he is so happy! Yay! I did something right for a change. No more wrinkled foreheads, timid reaction or sadness. I made it!

When Mommy got home I was able to greet her like I usually do, my nub was wagging like crazy. I made Mommy happy too! Today rocks! I love Fridays!

I went on the patio to resume my job of guarding the apartment. It feels great to be back. I must keep evil pedestrians at bay and let them know who is boss. Beware, guard dog is on duty. I need to work overtime to catch up. Maybe I will get bonus human food for my efforts?

The quest for world domination continues….one hop at a time.

Update, 10pm central standard time. Couch bound again. I’m beat!

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Day 3: couchbound still

Mommy’s Update:
Time is 9:20 central standard time Thursday evening,
watching tacky reality shows-Jersey Shore is on. Mousie is in no mood to blog because she’s got the cute on overload setting and it’s draining the power.

Mousie is still on the couch. Not much progress since yesterday. I tried an ice pack with disastrous results; she cried for a few minutes with much shivering, “I’m in pain Mommy!”. I accidentally pressed on the sutures trying to adjust her and she screamed! Then I iced it down, two paper towels to pad it and only for four minutes. Then, readjusted again and she yelped out again. What am I doing wrong? Was she freaked out because I was looking at her frankin-haunch? I need to buck up, being such a woosie now.

I am enabling her. Being overly mothering. I can’t seem to forgive myself. My poor baby. Maybe she doesn’t like the violence, impending cat fight between Snookie and Angelina. Maybe The Situation is getting on her nerves.

On the flip side: appetite is back with a vengeance. She does love to nosh. Nearly bit my finger giving her hamburger. It did have delicious dill havarti cheese, I can’t blame her.

48 hours couch bound and counting. No deficiency in the love and attention. She can handle it. Personal space invader.

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Post Op Day 2. Mommy’s update

Well, we survived the first day. It was not cool, she was terrified and shivering. She was so scared. I think she was feeding off my emotions. The size of the scar was horrible.

I know she is a Min Pin and they love to play up and show off, but her emotional state was nothing short of terror and panic. She keeps looking at the wound, it makes me think she doesn’t understand where her leg went. She cried for nearly 4 hours before she exhausted herself. We diligently held her and gave her as much love and affection, but she jus wasn’t herself at all. Tore my heart to shreds, the guilt from second guessing my decision and her emotional state. She is usually very affectionate but the surgery meds left her whacked out of her little mind.

The next morning was so so sad. I found her behind the couch, hiding to die. The epidural must have worn off and the pain set in. It was a dark moment, knowing she wanted to give up. I quickly gave her more meds and was relieved to see it kicked in before I left for work. It was a long day.

It was a totally different dog when I got home. The affectionate, clingy girl I’m so used to is back! She won’t get off the couch yet, but she is starting to cuddle and kiss me again. Hurrah! My baby is back!!!!!

I buy diapers for the nights sleep: the cone of shame is gigantic. It says size 7.5″ – 12″ but she’s got weird proportions so the cone would fit her whole body and her lemon size noggin is lost in the expanse of plastic. She will pick up signals from outer space, the dish is so big and we will make contact. The vet says to let the wound heal open air, but we are going to cover at night. My husband is home during the day, so we have the luxury of 24-7 supervision. Thank you God!!!!

I think she is embarrassed about her shaved bum. She is a vain girl, it just doesn’t look nice at all. I will buy her a dress later. The wound is still juicy, but I can’t let her know it’s gross. I just pretend it’s not there at all.

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Mousie’s story. Told in her voice, with her Mommy’s in italics.

Mousie is a 7 lbs. Min Pin and Shelli was a 60 lbs. Lab Mix.

I had a big sister Shelli for a long time. She protected me and taught me everything, she was the center of my universe. We ate from the same bowl, slept in the same bed, and we shared the same toys. The thing I wanted the most was to impress Shelli and show her that I was just as fast and smart.

Then one day Shelli got sick and it was bad. Shelli had Lymph Node Sarcoma, stage 4 that was in the liver when it was found. Shelli didn’t live very long after I knew she was sick and it was sad that she didn’t come back from the vet. Shelli passed away September 14, 2010 after a 7 week fight with cancer. My world just fell apart; She was always there for me since day one.

I was so lost, I didn’t know what to do but to cling to my humans. I didn’t want to be away from my humans, even for one second. I am small (but I won’t admit it openly) and the world just got bigger without my Shelli. My Daddy human took me outside, he was working on something outside and he stepped on me. My husband was putting a car battery in, he had work boots and jeans on and carrying a heavy load. A big boot smashed my leg and I was so scared! I cried and cried, it hurts so bad! My Daddy human put me on a couch and I was there all day until my Mommy human came home. She was scared too! I can feel they are upset and I don’t know what to do, I am hurt!

My Mommy told me that I am going to lose the leg. It is broken badly and she make the decision to cut it off. She tells me that fixing it may not be the best, because I love to jump and jump and jump. My Mommy cant handle seeing me in pain from losing Shelli and now my leg, she just wants to make this final and make the decision for me and not because I will look weird to humans. I already look weird anyways, with my bug eyes and radar-dish ears, I cant understand how much weirder can I get! I don’t care what my Mommy decides, because I know she loves me too much and that is all I need.

Its been a crazy two weeks, with Shelli being gone and my accident and all. Today is the day of the surgery. I am shivering like crazy because I am terrified of the vet. My Mommy tells me she will pick me up after work, so I wait…..

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