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Mousie’s story. Told in her voice, with her Mommy’s in italics.

Mousie is a 7 lbs. Min Pin and Shelli was a 60 lbs. Lab Mix.

I had a big sister Shelli for a long time. She protected me and taught me everything, she was the center of my universe. We ate from the same bowl, slept in the same bed, and we shared the same toys. The thing I wanted the most was to impress Shelli and show her that I was just as fast and smart.

Then one day Shelli got sick and it was bad. Shelli had Lymph Node Sarcoma, stage 4 that was in the liver when it was found. Shelli didn’t live very long after I knew she was sick and it was sad that she didn’t come back from the vet. Shelli passed away September 14, 2010 after a 7 week fight with cancer. My world just fell apart; She was always there for me since day one.

I was so lost, I didn’t know what to do but to cling to my humans. I didn’t want to be away from my humans, even for one second. I am small (but I won’t admit it openly) and the world just got bigger without my Shelli. My Daddy human took me outside, he was working on something outside and he stepped on me. My husband was putting a car battery in, he had work boots and jeans on and carrying a heavy load. A big boot smashed my leg and I was so scared! I cried and cried, it hurts so bad! My Daddy human put me on a couch and I was there all day until my Mommy human came home. She was scared too! I can feel they are upset and I don’t know what to do, I am hurt!

My Mommy told me that I am going to lose the leg. It is broken badly and she make the decision to cut it off. She tells me that fixing it may not be the best, because I love to jump and jump and jump. My Mommy cant handle seeing me in pain from losing Shelli and now my leg, she just wants to make this final and make the decision for me and not because I will look weird to humans. I already look weird anyways, with my bug eyes and radar-dish ears, I cant understand how much weirder can I get! I don’t care what my Mommy decides, because I know she loves me too much and that is all I need.

Its been a crazy two weeks, with Shelli being gone and my accident and all. Today is the day of the surgery. I am shivering like crazy because I am terrified of the vet. My Mommy tells me she will pick me up after work, so I wait…..

~ by ritables on September 28, 2010 .

5 Responses to “Mousie’s story. Told in her voice, with her Mommy’s in italics.”

  1.   etgayle Says:

    mousie, bless your little heart, you are having a rugged september!!! first, we are so sorry to hear that you lost your big sister shelli. i have a big sister, and i just can’t imagine life without her – it’s too sad to even think about really!!! so, we know your heart is breaking over that .. and then, your leg got hurt by accident. we know it was an accident, and nobody feels worse than you and your dad and mom…geesh, i can’t even imagine that either…. but, the good news is that you can and will get better after your amputation!!! i’m over seven months past mine, and i do pretty good, i must say. at least you aren’t dealing with this devil cancer, so you don’t have to worry with that too. we have our paws crossed that you get home and feel lots better and get healed up really quick. we’d love to hear more about you and see some pictures…don’t be shy once you are feeling better.


  2.   stephaniedbar Says:

    Oh my goodness! You all have been through a lot. Poor Mousie! I am sure once Mousie is recovered, you will all learn to adjust to your new life. Sorry you are going through all of this.

    •   ritables Says:

      Thank you for kindness. The meds are whacking her little brains right now. It’s the right decision, but the big ole wound is so scary!!!

  3.   jdsmom Says:

    Dear Mousie,

    You have had some very sad times over the past few weeks and many changes for your whole family. I am so sorry for your sisters passing.

    I hope your pawrents know from clicking around this website, that you will recover and be hoping around in no time. The next two weeks will be a bit crazy and confusing, but all of your canine friends here have been through it and are willing to supporat your family as best we can.

    Hope your mom can find time during this recovery phase to post of your antics as you return to your old self again!

    Hang in cutie.
    Spirit JD’s mom

  4.   jerry Says:

    Mousie, we’re so sorry all this happened so fast, this has to be so heartbreaking for all of you. Always remember that your sissy is never far away, she’s always by your side OK?

    Something tells me that you’re going to roar like a lion and show the world how brave and strong you really are when all is said and done after the ampawtation. You won’t look weird at all, just more adorable than ever.

    Stay strong my friend, you can do it!

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