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Post Op Day 2. Mommy’s update

Well, we survived the first day. It was not cool, she was terrified and shivering. She was so scared. I think she was feeding off my emotions. The size of the scar was horrible.

I know she is a Min Pin and they love to play up and show off, but her emotional state was nothing short of terror and panic. She keeps looking at the wound, it makes me think she doesn’t understand where her leg went. She cried for nearly 4 hours before she exhausted herself. We diligently held her and gave her as much love and affection, but she jus wasn’t herself at all. Tore my heart to shreds, the guilt from second guessing my decision and her emotional state. She is usually very affectionate but the surgery meds left her whacked out of her little mind.

The next morning was so so sad. I found her behind the couch, hiding to die. The epidural must have worn off and the pain set in. It was a dark moment, knowing she wanted to give up. I quickly gave her more meds and was relieved to see it kicked in before I left for work. It was a long day.

It was a totally different dog when I got home. The affectionate, clingy girl I’m so used to is back! She won’t get off the couch yet, but she is starting to cuddle and kiss me again. Hurrah! My baby is back!!!!!

I buy diapers for the nights sleep: the cone of shame is gigantic. It says size 7.5″ – 12″ but she’s got weird proportions so the cone would fit her whole body and her lemon size noggin is lost in the expanse of plastic. She will pick up signals from outer space, the dish is so big and we will make contact. The vet says to let the wound heal open air, but we are going to cover at night. My husband is home during the day, so we have the luxury of 24-7 supervision. Thank you God!!!!

I think she is embarrassed about her shaved bum. She is a vain girl, it just doesn’t look nice at all. I will buy her a dress later. The wound is still juicy, but I can’t let her know it’s gross. I just pretend it’s not there at all.

~ by ritables on September 30, 2010 .

2 Responses to “Post Op Day 2. Mommy’s update”

  1.   nstephenson Says:

    Hi Mousie,

    Tell your Mom to get you a stylish kid’s t-shirt (pink?) to wear until your sutures come out. You will look so cute that no one will notice your leg.

    I am tiny too (8.5 lbs) and I am getting around just fine now on 3 legs. You will too. And you don’t have to have chemo treatments like so many of us here. LUCKY FOR YOU!

    And remember, while you are on your pain meds, you might act a little whacky. So tell you pawrents not to worry. In 2 weeks, all will be so much better.

    James the Poodle

  2.   etgayle Says:

    mousie, mousie, mousie… you will be ok, yes, this is a big change, and yes, it hurts like the devil, and yes, it changes your plans for the next bit of time, but you are alive, you are beautiful, you are the same wonderful girl you have always been, so stop fretting about that extra leg. you’ll find three is all you really need, really, REALLY! tell your mom she needs to go in the other room blow her nose real good, dry her eyes, kick herself in the butt, and stop being sad around you. if she’s scared, you’re scared. tell her that you are still the same gal, and there are endless possibilities for you!!! now, go take a nap and dream of treats and belly rubs and kisses!!!


    p.s. if you contact any aliens with that dish, tell them the tripawds are planning to take over the world and we could use their help…you can be in charge of logistics since you have the communication device…

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