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Day 9: disaster averted

Mousie’s voice, with Mommy’s in italics:

Yesterday we went to visit Grandma. They were busy doing something with the plumbing out in the front yard, something was flooding i guess. so i stepped in some water and my Mommy freaked out. She didnt want me standing in the water. So then Grandma holds me because i keep investigating this thing they are all huddled around. Grandma was afraid of my boo boo, she didnt know how to hold me right. I squirmed away and kept fighting her…then i fell. I landed on my boo boo! I nearly had a heart attack, she screamed so loudly. My Mommy then puts me in the car and they finish huddling around the thing in the yard that keeps flooding. That night, after my Mommy cleaned my boo boo with peroxide and gave me some meds, i was fast asleep. The next day i just didnt want to get out of bed at all. My Mommy called and my Daddy tells her i am still sleeping. I panicked because i still have memories of Shelli, and how lethargic she was from the cancer and illness. I then went back to the yucky vets again. I guess i am alright, im be bopping around, no biggie. My Mommy is coming to pick me up later. I plan to catch up on my couch time then. Tonight is Jersey Shore, so its going to be a fun night!

~ by ritables on October 7, 2010 .

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