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Day 6 and 7: my bum itches like mad

Due to malfunctioning iPhone wordpress app, this article is re-posted.
Not only did they shave my entire bum, but it itches very bad. worse than summer fleas, I think. I know im not allowed to chew on it but its so very tempting. I don’t wear the cone of shame because my Mommy cant find the right size. I think my Mommy wants to put me in a onesie or something, although my Daddy thinks its dumb. Its getting colder, so I don’t mind the clothing at all. I try to sneak off to chew my butt, but I get caught every time. My Daddy is doing a good job watching me. I never get a chance alone for a second.

I am doing very well, I am able to run up the stairs at full throttle now, but I prefer to hang on the couch and relax. I am not able to jump off the couch yet, because my stitches touch when I lean over like that. Same with going down the stairs – I just get creeped out when something touches my boo boo. My Mommy says I still have to keep still, but not for much longer. I have an appointment to remove my stitches in 7 more days. I cant wait to have a bath, as I am super-stinky.

Halloween is coming up and I am excited about a costume contest I am going to enter. My Mommy is coming up with my costume, this is going to be good!

~ by ritables on October 7, 2010 .

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