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Day 14: Phantom screaming

Ug, phantom pain. How appropriate Halloween is around the corner. I don’t know why it still hurts because my leg is gone. Sometimes I scream very loudly and my MommyDaddy just hold their hands up in the air and say, “It wasn’t me! I didn’t touch her at all!”. I think I scream about 4-5 times a day for no reason. I try to get my leg moving, but then I remember its not there anymore.

I cant believe its been two weeks already! My stitches come out tomorrow. I am out of meds completely, which is good because I don’t feel so dopey and high anymore. I just want to be back to normal, and I try very hard, but I still get tired from too much excitement. I still have my couch-time, but I also try to follow my Mommy and Daddy wherever they are going. I miss Shelli so much, the feelings of missing her still come up several times a day. I have made great advancements: I am able to run up and down the stairs, I can jump down from the couch, but I cannot jump up yet. I am able to poo, and pee. Things are looking up.

~ by ritables on October 12, 2010 .

5 Responses to “Day 14: Phantom screaming”

  1.   nstephenson Says:

    Keep it up, Mousie. You are doing great!!

    Nancy and James the poodle

  2.   Mackenzie's Mom Says:

    Oh Mousey – you look so adorable in your red T-shirt. Don’t know too much about phantom pain but I hope that once your stitches come out, your phantom pain will be gone. Jumping down from the couch? Running up and down the stairs? Peeing and pooping normally? All great signs that you’re doing just great! Good luck tomorrow! We’ll be thinking of you! 🙂

  3.   etgayle Says:

    we’re worn out just reading your post!!! you look like a little chile pepper in your red sweater, you just need a green stem on your head!! we didn’t have the phantom pain either, but we’ve heard it doesn’t last too long, so stay strong kiddo!!! glad those stitches are finally coming out, they were a pain we’re sure!

    gayle & charon

  4.   fortisdad Says:

    I agree, a little green stem would complete the picture. Your just adorable little Mousie! Sorry about that nasty phantom pain. Sounds like you’re doing great. keep up the good work.

    Fortis and Brett

  5.   jerry Says:

    Hey Mousie, sorry you’ve got the phantom pain thing, but it’ll go away after a while. Pretty soon your brain will figure it out.

    Until then, you’re sure doing a good job scaring your pawrents, just in time for Halloween!

    Feel better and keep up the great work.

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